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The Original Prototype has been established as an engineering and design center for electronic, mechanical and electromechanical systems. Examples include hand-held devices, robotics, stereo vision equipment and miniature machines. We have expertise available to bring your concept into reality, potentially including support for short run production. Use the form below, email or call to discuss your needs and how we can fulfill them.

Automatic Rocket Controller startup screen on Arduino Mega2560 LCD touchscreen shield Workbench with assembled prototype shields Component side of the prototype shield Wiring side of the prototype shield Arduino with prototype and LCD shields Arduino Mega2560 with custom prototype and LCD touchscreen shields at ARC startup screen Customer client portal
Project   Automatic Rocket Controller
Client Confidential
Danvers, Mass.
Status development stalled pending client financial participation
Summary Develop an Arduino-based controller to cut costs, to enhance uniformity and accountability, and to improve the end user's experience

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